Industrial CT Scanning Services Overview

Watch the video above to get an introduction to industrial CT scanning. At 3D ProScan we provide world class industrial CT scanning services to speed up your metrology and validations. In as fast as one day, we non-destructively digitize, visualize, and analyze internal and external features of precision parts and assemblies. Three-dimensional X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning (metrotomography) offers manufacturers the most advanced and powerful tool available for industrial metrology and the validation of products made from plastics or other low-density materials.

With industrial CT scanning, manufacturers can literally see inside their products to identify design issues and production discrepancies, ensure lot-to-lot consistency and derive highly accurate and detailed measurements of internal components. This fast and nondestructive approach also helps accelerate project completion by reducing the time required to qualify parts for production. From plastic injection molded parts to medical devices, packaging and personal healthcare products, the accuracy and speed of our industrial CT scanning services will help you make better decisions faster. 

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