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Industrial CT scanning services provided by 3D ProScan use fast, high-accuracy and non-invasive technology for measuring and visualizing parts.

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3D ProScan is a product validation lab that provides industrial CT scanning services. With industrial CT scanning we provide data by non-destructively digitizing, visualizing, and analyzing internal and external features of precision parts and assemblies in as fast as one day.

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Part to Part Comparison

Part to Part Comparison

Part to part comparison with CT scanning provides a fast and accurate visual comparison between 2 identical parts.

Assembly Analysis

Assembly Analysis

Assembly analysis with CT scanning gives you the power of X-ray vision at your fingertips and lets you see beyond the surface of your product.

Part to CAD Comparison

Part to CAD Comparison

Part to CAD comparison with CT scanning provides a fast and accurate visual comparison of the part to the original CAD model.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering a part using CT scanning is faster and more accurate than rebuilding a component from scratch.

Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional inspections with CT scanning can be done up to up to 90% faster than traditional methods.

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