Resolving Customer Complaints in a Snap

Using Part to Part comparisons, 3D ProScan was able to examine the defective sporks and compare them to sporks from the same batch that were known to function properly.

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Industrial CT Scanning services

Precision Evolved

State-of-the-art, non-invasive CT Scanning From Prototype to Production. Scan anything within a 5″ cylinder.  Change your business with analytic-driven design in 24 hours.

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Taking the Pain out of Spinal Implants

Utilizing Part to CAD FASTScan Overlays and Assembly Analysis to Advance Spinal Implants.

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Industrial CT Scanning services

Industrial CT Scanning Services: Metrology and Product Validation

Industrial CT scanning is a fast, high-accuracy, non-invasive technology used for measuring and analyzing parts and devices.

In as fast as one day, we non-destructively digitize, visualize, and analyze internal and external features of precision parts and assemblies. From plastic injection molded parts to medical devices, packaging and personal healthcare products, the accuracy and speed of our industrial CT scanning services will help you make better decisions faster.

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View Our Capabilities Deck
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Part to Part Comparison

Visually identify differences and measure dimensional deviations between two seemingly identical parts with high accuracy.

Assembly Analysis

Virtually cross-section parts and devices. Take measurements of internal features. Spot voids and inclusions. See how different parts fit together and more.

Part to CAD Comparison

Quickly determine which process yields parts closest to the intended design with a 3D visual comparison of a part to its original CAD model.

Reverse Engineering

Get new CAD models for your parts fast. Files can be .STL, .STEP, .IGS, .SLDPRT or any other file format. If needed request new 2D drawings based on the CAD.

Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional inspections with industrial CT scanning can be done up to up to 90% faster than other methods with high accuracy.

About Us

We are a metrology and product validation lab providing services for plastic injection molding, medical device, packaging, and personal healthcare products.

Assembly Analysis Check for Product Volume of Lip Gloss

Assembly Analysis Check for Product Volume of Lip Gloss The Industry: Consumer Goods The Client Issue: After a change in formulation that affected the consistency of the lip gloss, the client was looking for a way to evaluate product volume and distribution in the...

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Assembly Analysis of a Freshness Seal

Assembly Analysis of a Freshness Seal The Industry: Consumer Goods   The Client Issue: The customer was interested in analyzing the effectiveness of their freshness sealing process so they could continue to offer the highest quality product possible. The Problem:...

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